THE MARKET IS SHIFTING: 5 things to Keep In Mind When Preparing to Sell Your Home

Seller: I hear the real estate market is shifting. What are some things I need to do to make sure my property will sell?

The market is definitely shifting and it is happening quickly. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when preparing your home for sale:
  1. Price your property to be IN the market, not ON the market. In a shifting market, buyers will have more homes to consider purchasing. If your property is priced right, it will get more showings and more offers. Overpriced homes will stay ON the market longer, resulting in fewer showings and fewer, if any offers. Overpriced homes help right priced homes sell faster. We will provide the up-to-date market information along with our expertise to price it right.

  2. Address deferred maintenance. Today’s buyers want turn-key move-in ready homes. When there is more competition, buyers are in a position to demand a well maintained property. They will express that demand by not viewing or making offers on a property that needs repairs.

  3. Consider updating the home to sell. Styles that were popular 10+ years ago may now appear dated and less desirable to today’s buyer. Looking at your home from a buyer’s perspective, we will determine the most cost effective updates for your property, putting your home at the top of the buyers’ lists.

  4. Improve curb appeal. Plant flowers, replace/prune overgrown shrubs, change house numbers, pressure wash concrete, update outdoor lighting, and green up the lawn.

  5. Deep clean and stage. Buyers shop with their eyes (and noses). Your property needs to not only look appealing, but needs to smell good, too. Furniture can make a room look larger, or smaller. Staging is designed to complement your floor plan and accentuate its positive aspects.
We, along with our network of professionals, will plan and implement all of the above to ensure the best possible result, your property selling for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

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