A: As the number of properties for sale are at or near record low levels, we are generally seeing a seller’s market throughout the year, meaning you can sell your time at practically any time of the year.

At this time, the best time to sell is when you are ready to sell. The buyers are out there and looking for your property! Together we will put together a plan to ensure your property is on the market at the best possible time.

A: We can tell you how long it takes for us to sell a home. We estimate approximately 4 weeks, based on an estimated 2 week home preparation period and a 2 week marketing period.

Once you accept an offer, it typically takes between 21 and 35 days to close escrow. This timeline can be adjusted based on your schedule.

The timing can vary depending on the type of property you are selling, the number of competing properties on the market, the condition of your property, and where the property is located.

A: The benefit to you in completing all inspections early is that you will give buyers confidence that they have full knowledge about the condition of the property. Confident buyers making stronger offers, both in terms of a higher offer price and better terms.

Full disclosure up front puts you in a stronger position when negotiating with buyers throughout the offer phase and during the escrow period.

By not doing inspections up front, buyers will do inspections on their own and use the results from those reports to potentially renegotiate based on the findings in the reports or cancel the transaction altogether.

Our trusted professional inspectors will provide comprehensive reports detailing the condition of your home. At that point, you can decide to repair some or all of the items, or just provide them as disclosures to the buyers and sell the property as-is.

A: Most homes could use some updating – it can be vary basic, to something more involved. A new coat of paint can revive a room. Bathrooms can always use fresh caulking. Evaluating your lighting is easy to do and bringing in new LED lights can be inexpensive and make a dramatic change.

We are experts in viewing through your buyer’s eyes. Along with our staging coordinator, we evaluate and make simple changes that will bring you the highest price, at a reasonable cost. Any upgrade project, should provide you with a 200% or greater return.

A: Our improvement professionals allow options for payment at time of work competion or when the house sells (up to 90 days after work completion).

A: Some of the most profitable improvements you can make on a home include:

  • Improve curb appeal. (It’s the first thing buyers see in photos and when they pull up to your home).
  • Repaint interior and exterior with consistent color scheme inside.
  • Replace worn carpeting (versus offering a carpet credit). Old carpets make houses look old.
  • Make the garage a destination. Declutter the garage. Paint the walls. Consider coating the garage floor with a garage epoxy coating or equivalent. Add lighting.
  • Update Lighting: Modernize dated/oxidized light fixtures. Improve existing recessed lights with integrated LED retrofit units. Change out the exterior front yard lighting.
  • Clean, clean, clean! A quality professional house cleaner will do deep cleaning. The windows will be cleaned inside and out. The house will look and smell great!

We coordinate all of the above items so you can focus on your upcoming move.

A: Yes!! We stage all areas in your property. Your ideal buyer will be attracted by appropriate staging. Fabulous staging will enable the buyer to see their potential lifestyle within your home. From the Interior (office, primary bedroom, game room) to the Exterior (backyard, patio and balcony) the buyers can envision themselves living there. It is a proven fact that staging results in a higher price and quicker sale.

A: Yes, definitely! We have several staging solutions for homes that will be occupied during the listing process.

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