With the changing real estate market, what should I consider in my purchasing strategy?

  1. Act boldly! Interest rates and rents are rising. The best time to buy a property is when there are fewer buyers in the market. With increasing interest rates, buyer activity has slowed. Take advantage of this market and make offers now before interest rates increase further.
  1. Narrow your search criteria. As there are more properties coming on the market and there is less competition, you may have the ability to focus your home search to the areas where you REALLY want to live.
  1. Talk to a lender about getting formally underwritten approval. This is much more intense than a simple prequalification or pre-approval from a loan officer. As the market is a little more Buyer friendly, with increased housing inventory and less competition, you still need to show the Seller you are rock solid financially being fully vetted by the actual final underwriter. We have excellent lending resources we can recommend to you to get this at no cost.
  1. Don’t close or move around any of your credit account balances. Before you try to massage your credit profile, consult with our lender resources. A few minutes spent might be able to help you improve your Maximize your credit scores and profile. Our lending resources can counsel you on timing your credit report being pulled to achieve optimum results.
  1. Consider an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). These can come with an initial fixed rate of 5 to 10 years. This allows buyers to get a lower initial interest rate with a lower monthly payment.
  1. Consider paying points on your loan to get a lower interest rate. Depending on the situation and competition, you may be able to have the Seller contribute to that cost.

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